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NovaTwist Closures 100 Closures $35.00

The Answer to Bottling Wine Using Screw Cap Closures/Capsules

Call for quantity discount for orders over 300 capsules.

Black, Burgundy, Gold & Silver

The NovaTwist capsules are the latest wine closures that are available to the home winemaker and smaller wineries in the USA. They are perfect for manually sealing standard (30X60BVS/BVP) neck finish screw top glass wine bottles. No special tools needed – push it on and screw clockwise until tight and it’s that simple. The NovaTwist capsules can be opened and closed repeatedly with ease and comfort while remaining airtight. To open, turn counter clock wise to break the seal. To re-close for use later, screw the cap back onto the bottle.

The product is available, in one of 4 colors, Black, Burgundy, Silver and Gold.

Nova Twist Example

Additional Information

Advantages for the winemaker

  •  Installation is performed without any closure equipment. Place, tap and twist!
  •  The cap features an elegant design with the absence of visible threads.
  •  Opening and closing is done with ease and comfort.
  • Opening torques is always consistent. “Easy Opening and re-closing”
  • The caps remain airtight and can be applied and reapplied repeatedly without loss of effectiveness.
  • NovaTwist enables a safe use (no cutting edges) and are dent resistant if tapped or stacked
  • Bottles can be stored upright or lying down.
  • Original aromas are preserve and never any “cork taint” from a NovaTwist Closure.
  • High resistance to shocks (seals will not break) and handlings during transport and storage.

Installing the NovaTwist Closure/Capsule on .750mL or 150mL wine bottles

  • Place a NovaTwist closure over the top of a screw type filled wine bottle
  • Using the palm of the hand, push down until you hear two (2) distinct “clicks”
  • Turn the NovaTwist closure/capsule “Clockwise” (to the right) 2 ½ to 3 turns until finger tight

Note: If closure doesn’t “lock finger tight” in place, stop turning after three (3) turns because the closure/capsule wasn’t push down far enough. To remedy this, place the bottle upright on a firm surface and again push down the closure again until the click is heard. Then turn the closure 2 clockwise turns and the closure should clock in place. Price: Quantity 100 – $35.00

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Black, Burgundy, Gold, Silver


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