Oak Granulars


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For Use During Fermentation of Grape Must Only (Not for use with Oak Flavoring Tubes)

Add at Crush. This StaVin premium oak product aids in color stabilization and increased smoothness and mouth feel. When used in combination with macro aeration (adding oxygen), some “green/vegetal” characters in the must can be minimized.

Dosage Rate: 

Light 4.32 grams per 36 lbs of grapes

Medium 8.28 grams per 36 lbs of grapes

Heavy 12.24 grams per 36 lbs of grapes. (5 Boxes of grapes X 4.32g = 21.6 grams of Granulated oak).

Always favor lighter dosage rates to minimize potential over use.

Important – Sprinkle ½ the desired dosage on the must at crush and second half 4 days later. Granulated oak leaves with pomace at pressing.

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