Oak Beans for Oak Flavoring Tubes



Adding oak to wine can be one of the most fascinating aspects of the wine making process. With the proper amount of oak, there are many different types of improvements that can occur in the wine. With the addition of oak, wine will begin to show stability, clarity and improved color, and the wine will begin to soften. With the addition of oak flavors, the wine will inherit complexity and an overall smoothness and deep texture. The key factors in achieving the perfect oak flavoring are the oak amount and the length of time.

In our product testing, we use StaVin oak products. StaVin is the world’s leading supplier in premium oak products. We recommend the use of StaVin Oak products when quality oak extraction in a relatively short period of time is desired. StaVin’s Oak Beans impart to wine a complex flavor and aroma profiles which rival those of your favorite barrels. Beans, with their barrel-like gradation of color, provide a slow, controlled extraction, contributing positive flavor compounds.

Using these beans with the Oak Flavoring Tubes provides the winemaker with control and flexibility.

Contact Time 2 Months minimum. Useful life is one year. Call for quote on larger quanities.

Vessel/Container Size Amount of Beans
Carboy 5 gal (19L) 2 -3 oz
Demijon 15 gal (57L) 6 – 9 oz
Barrel 30 gal (113.5 L) 12 oz
Barrel 59/60 gal (223.3L/227.0L) 24 oz

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in
Oak Beans

American Oak Beans – Medium Plus (+) Toast 5 oz (142g), American Oak Beans – Medium Toast 5 oz (142g), French Oak Beans – Medium Plus (+) Toast 5 oz (142g), French Oak Beans – Medium Toast 5 oz (142g)


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