Oak Barrel Cleaner & Restorer


Amount: 35.3 ounces


Oak Restorer-Is developed to remove tartrate crystals, wine color, protein and organic soils, and to clean barrels using cold water (68-86°F/20-30°C) water.

This fast dissolving formulation contains 100% active components for advanced cleaning action compared with carbonates alone. By thoroughly cleaning the internal contact surface you can extend the working life of your oak (barrels and staves).

Oak Restorer-CWF (cool water formula) is a proprietary oak cleaning agent formulated on behalf of winery clients in Australia by AiRD. This buffered carbonate detergent, used with cool water, also contains bicarbonates and surfactants.

Again, Oak Restorer-CWF was formulated to remove tartrate crystals, coloring materials, protein and other organic soils. This results in restored oak surfaces which will extend the working life of barrels and staves.

Oak Restorer-CWF is a single process cleaning product requiring only a water rinse. No subsequent neutralizing is required. Oak Restorer leaves your oak clean, odorless and pH neutral.

Oak Restorer-CWF contains no chlorine, phosphate or halogen based compounds. Oak Restorer-CWF is a 100% active, water soluble detergent without fillers.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 0.5- 2kg/100L (0.67- 2.68 oz/gallon).

Oak with no/light color stains = 0.5- 1.0kg/100L clean, potable water used.
Oak with moderate/heavy color stains = 1.0- 2.0kg/100L clean, potable water used.

Water- Potable or treated, clean, water is recommended. The volume of water used is determined by the surface area which is being cleaned, the hardness of the water and the quantity of the soil present.
Water Temperature- The cleaning solution temperature range for Oak Restorer-CWF is 20-30°C (68-86°F). Oak Restorer-CWF is soluble in cool water to ~10%.
Cleaning Cycle Timing-It is recommended to clean oak or staves when the tartrate crystals are still damp. At this point they are still in a state of hydration, and the crystal structure is at its softest, resulting in more efficient cleaning and less detergent used.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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