100 Micro-Agglomerated Granule Wine Corks


Notice: Corks are sold in sleeves of 100 pieces


Natural Cork Products Imported from Portugal 24X44 mm, 1 ¾” Long, .18 cents each, or .15 cents each minimum 1,000 corks.

1 to 999 $.18 cents each

1,000 & over $.15 cents each

The Micro-Agglomerated cork is an individually formed, economic and all natural cork closure. Dimensions are 44X24 mm (1 ¾”) and can be end and circumference branded

Branding of the Corks

We offer two types of branding. The first is end fire branding where your logo and vintage years are available. For logos, a $250.00 set up fee is charged. This covers the die.

The second type of branding is circumference and usually the more favored. Orders of 5,000 corks or more, the set up charge are dropped and free. Under 5,000 corks, there is a one-time $150.00 charge. Thereafter, order your corks and there aren’t any more setup charges for branding.

The turnaround time for new branding orders is 7 business days, whereas repeat orders will ship in 5 business days.

Requirements for Branding:

a. A high, camera ready, dpi image in .jpeg format must be submitted with order.

b. The $150.00 setup fee is for initial orders under 5,000 corks.

c. Custom logos on all order will be $250.00 and must accompany the cork order.

For custom branding contact us here.

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