The goal of a home Wine Maker has always been to replicate world class wines from all parts of the world. After selecting the best grapes available, the next important step is the management of the fermentation process.

Many home Wine Makers macerate their red wines 7 to 14 days and during this period “the frequent punching down of the cap” method will ensure maximum phenolic extraction is achieved.

During the fermentation process the must plunging must be done at least twice daily. This constant soaking of the grape solids enhances the final product and also prevents spoilage.

The Must Plunger will assist the home Wine Maker in developing an effective cap/must management program. It is a stainless steel tools for pushing the skins into the wine juice during primary fermentation of the red wine making process. These tools are made of quality materials and highest grade of stainless steel available because it is grape friendly, strong, lasts a lifetime and very easy to clean.

There are four (4) Must Plunger models:

  • The Economy & Pony Models with an eight (8) inch disc with a 34” (1”   OD) handle.
  • The Professional Model has a ten (10”) inch disc with a 48″ (1″ OD) handle.
  • “The Winery Model”, with either a 60” regular handle (1” OD) and a 10” inch disc (1” OD).

All there are only 3 parts to the Must Plunger, [the handle; the disc, and a screw], and the fact that they are made with high quality materials, there isn’t anything that can break when used properly. With a minimum amount of maintenance, (clean well after each use), it will last a long time.