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The Company That Patented the Our Must Plunger

Winemaker Products LLC was founded in 2004 when Lee Baldieri thought of improving the way winemakers create their wines. With this goal in mind, Lee along with the team created and patented the must plunger which later on would be an essential tool for every winemaker.

About Our Founder

For more than twenty-five years, Lee Baldieri has been a home winemaker. He has used different kinds of grapes like Vitis Vinifera and Hybrid style grapes. Along with producing various wines of his own, and others our founder was also associated with the American Wine Society and was their winemaking expert. He was responsible for writing and publishing winemaking articles for their monthly newsletters.

Our Must Plunger

The company’s flagship product, the Must Plunger, is widely used by home winemakers and wineries. The must plunger is made from food-friendly stainless steel and is proudly assembled by Americans in the United States. If given the proper care, our product would last a lifetime.

The History of Our Winemaking Tool

Before the must plunger was made, Lee used a wooden oak stick and disk to punch down the cap that formed while the wine was fermented. He decided to stop using this tool after a batch of wine went bad due to bacteria in the wood. Without his wooden punch down, he had to think of a different material and tool to use for his craft.

Lee got the help of a designer and they started creating a punch down tool that’s more durable and sanitary. He worked with a local machine shop in producing the prototype which later on leads him to contacting an attorney and securing a patent for the very first Must Plunger.

Winemaker Products LLC
Winemaker Products LLC

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